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  • What is the Customer Experience like at Squeaky G’s Car Wash?
    You should expect a greeting from a trained attendant at the pay station, who will guide you through the wash selection and payment process. Next you will pull forward into the car wash tunnel where a trained attendant will guide you onto the belt. Your main job is to place your vehicle in Neutral when the attendant asks you to do so, take your foot off the brake pedal, take your hands off the wheel, and turn off automatic wipers. We use mild soaps and gentle soft cloth brushes to clean the outside of your vehicle. Our dryers are designed to leave your car mostly dry following a drying agent application and final spot-free rinse. Everything happens automatically, and you are on your way in under 5 minutes! After the wash is complete and you exit the car wash tunnel, we encourage you to use our free vacuums.
  • Do I Stay in the Car?
  • Can I wash with a trailer hitch?
    Yes, but we will retract our wrap brushes as to not damage our equipment from possibly tangling on a trailer hitch. This means that the rear of the vehicle will not get cleaned as well as the rest of the car. We always recommend removing trailer hitches. If you choose to keep the trailer hitch on, we recommend using our prep area brush to scrub the rear of your vehicle before entering the wash.
  • Will the Vehicle Be Hand-Dried?
    No, but the drying agent and dryers are very effective. We offer drying towels and other car care products in our vending machine. Or, you are welcome to bring your own towel for hand-drying if you are worried about any drips. Please pull into the free vacuum area if you’d like to give your vehicle a little personal attention. If you do choose to drove off immediately following your wash, any remaining water drops will dry spot-free.
  • Do You Do Interior Vehicle Cleaning?
    We are an express exterior car wash, so we do not clean the inside of your vehicle for you. However, our team is ready to assist our elderly and/or handicap customers with vacuuming. Please ask an attendant. Our free self-service vacuum stalls feature high-power vacuums. The parking spaces furthest from the building are 12’ extra-wide for larger vehicles.
  • Is Your Car Wash Touchless?
    Our car wash has new soft cloth brush technology. Our wash utilizes soft cloth wraps and curtains. In a touchless wash, no cleaning media touches the vehicle. However, you may find that this doesn’t get the car as clean as possible.
  • Are Credit Cards Accepted?
    Absolutely! We take all the major credit cards – VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. The pay stations also accept Apple and Android Pay.
  • Are Your Cleaning Products Eco-Friendly?
    Absolutely, they are! All of the cleaning agents we use are fully biodegradable. They are, therefore, safe for both your vehicle as well as the environment. We use the safest products available in the industry because what is the point of a clean car without a clean planet?
  • Do You Use a Water Reclamation System?
    No, but we utilize a reverse osmosis system to control PH levels and produce a spot-free final rinse. Our water usage is also extremely efficient.
  • How Much Water Is Saved Using Your Wash?
    Engineering research reveals that washing a car in a driveway, with a 5/8” hose running at only 50 PSI, uses 10 gallons per minute; meaning people washing their vehicles at home use 100+ gallons of water on average! By comparison, Squeaky G’s uses less than 45 gallons. Therefore, we use less than half the freshwater required to wash a vehicle in a driveway thanks to our eco-friendly system. Most people forget that wastewater goes directly into our sewers, rivers, and lakes. At Squeaky G’s we use v-traps underneath the belt to capture grease, oils, and heavy particles. This allows for these pollutants to be separated out before discharging the waste water into the sanitary sewer system. We use water efficient equipment such as high-pressure nozzles and pumps, allowing us to clean cars thoroughly while conserving water usage.
  • Can You Wash Any Size Vehicle?
    Just about! If you have any concerns, stop-by our wash and have us check before you go through for the first time. Below is a list of specifications that would deem a vehicle unable to be washed: Ground clearance less than 2.5” Vehicles taller than 7’2” Overly muddy vehicles Overly rusty vehicles Pickups with an open bed containing excessive debris and/or any sort of loose materials Full-size conversion or work vans with an extended height that exceed the 7’2” limit Trucks with doubled/dually tires in the back with an overall width greater than 92” Vehicles with tripod-style mirrors that cannot be folded-in Pickups with a fuel transfer tank that has protruding hose and/or fill nozzle Vehicles with an attached rooftop cargo box exceeding our height limit of 7’2” Vans or trucks with ladders attached Vehicles with an oversized ladder rack Vehicles with spike lug-nuts Vehicles with aftermarket wheel fenders that do not appropriately cover the tires Commercial trucks without fenders and/or body panels, such as tow trucks or dump trucks You may also want to discuss with a wash attendant first if you have any of the following problems or features: Preexisting damage to the vehicle (such as peeling paint, excessive rust, or loose molding) A crack in the windshield or any of the glass Objects on your car antenna that could sustain damage (flag, ball, etc.) Antennas that you cannot lower or remove Bike or Ski Racks Aftermarket Rear or Front Spoiler, or Racing Fin Any aftermarket components glued on, that were not installed by the manufacturer Loose or Damaged Mirrors
  • Do You Wash Pickup Trucks?
    The answer is almost always yes. However, for the safety of your truck and the vehicles of others, we do not accept pickup trucks with loose items in the open bed. Please empty the bed area beforehand. Also, if you have dual rear tires, large side-view mirrors that cannot fold-in, or certain types of off-road or oversized tires, we may not be able to accept your vehicle. Raised suspensions must usually be radical in nature in order to make your vehicle incompatible with the wash.
  • Can You Wash My Convertible?
    Absolutely! Just keep in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure that the roof is properly latched in the closed position before entering the wash.
  • I Recently Had My Car Painted – Can I Get It Washed?
    Sure, as long as the paint has properly cured. You can ask the body shop if you are unsure of the recommended curing time. For most vehicles, it is 30 days or more. If you just purchased a brand-new vehicle from the manufacturer, the paint should be fully cured before the vehicle is delivered to you – so it is safe to wash from day one. Our cleaners are mild and washing media is cloth-based, so there is nothing that can damage properly cured vehicle paint.
  • I Have Alloy Wheels – Can I Use Your Wash?
    Definitely! There are a few reasons that manufacturers will warn against automatic car washes. This is because some brands use acids than can stain aluminum wheels. Others use plastic or carbon tire brushes that are known to scratch alloy wheels. We do not use acids or damaging brushes, so there is no problem bringing alloy wheels into our car wash.
  • Could the Wash Break My Cracked Windshield?
    No, there is nothing about the wash that could break a windshield that isn’t already in dire condition. The issue with a cracked windshield stems from changes in temperature. Therefore, during the wash, you may notice that cracks, chips, or other damage gets worse. The fact is that you should always replace a damaged windshield as soon as possible for your safety.
  • Will My Aftermarket Antenna Survive the Wash?
    If you have an aftermarket antenna for a phone or CB, you should remove it before going through the wash. Our attendants can help you to perform this task.
  • Will My Bug Shield Survive the Wash?
    Sorry, but no promises on this one. We can’t guarantee the safety of any aftermarket add-on, especially one that is made from plastic. We do find that most drivers who have used our wash with a bug shield have no problems. However, damaged shields may break, and sometimes a stress crack near the screws can virtually impossible to see while the shield is installed. If your bug shield is made from Lexan, it is nearly indestructible, so we recommend this material over plastic.
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